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Health First – Solution To Mosquito Menace / Vector-borne Diseases

Culex Mosquito causes West Nile Fever. In our endeavor to find a concrete solution to prevent the diseases, it was first thought of to study the existing 40-year-old system of insecticide sprayer, a 10 liters cylinder can that is to be carried by the Municipal Sanitary Workers. The fatigue of carrying it on their shoulders curtails extensive spraying of insecticide and hence less preventive measures. Increased technical capacity is the need of the hour and we at Sriram have devised a Petrol Engine operated Machine Unit named as “ Mosquito Larva Shooter “ with 55 liters insecticide container, which can replace the conventional 10 liters cylinder can be carried on shoulders. The Machine fitted to a Battery Operated Vehicle can go into the streets and narrow spaces and not only kill Mosquitos but also their larvae effortlessly and extensively.

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Sriram Air Compressors (Coimbatore) Private Limited thanks to the City Municipal Corporation, Coimbatore for the purchase of the Machines from our Dealer and also successfully using it extensively in the endeavor to prevent the mosquito diseases

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