Car Washer Pumps


Sriram has designed Single and Triple Plunger Pumps for washing in varied sectors like Car washing, Automobile Service stations, Boiler feeders, Steel Mills, Hydraulic presses, Mining, Sugar industry, Brewery, Cement industries and other applications where washing jobs are done in less time and with high pressure. Single plunger pumps with various pumping capacity are able to discharge water up to 26.3 lpm triple plunger washers are specially designed for two wheeler and four wheeler washing requirement

  • Single plunger reciprocating pump for high performance
  • Heavy duty motors ensures continuous washing operation
  • Washing jobs done conveniently at less time
  • Water discharge as high as 26.3 lpm possible by single plunger washer
  • Single plunger car washer LL03having twin guns for washing for higher productivity
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Specification :
 Model SCW 20 SCW 30 SCW 50
Type Reciprocating Reciprocating Reciprocating
No. of. Plungers One One One
Working Pressure 25 Kg cm2 25 Kg cm2 60-80 Kgs
Displacement 22 LPM 26 LPM 20 Ltrs
Output per gun 12.5 Lpm 12.5 LPM 20 Ltrs
Number of gun One Two One
Speed (rpm) 310 360 390
Motor 2 HP Single / 3 Phase 3 HP , 3 Phase 5 Hp , 3 Phase



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